Business Department of JDL:

JDL mainly deals with the export and import of timber as well as wood products from Europe. We sell wood products with high quality such as plywood, wood floor, architrave, veneer, and finger jointed plate, etc. Now we import products from many countries and have suppliers in almost 40 countries. We establish a worldwide network connecting resources and excellent products. Aiming at particular and professional market, we search for the goods that are hard to find, that with strict specification, and make special package for the customers.

Domestic and International Customer Group:

Our primary market is the European and Asian market, especially the Chinese market. We also provide products for customers worldwide.  In Europe, we sell throughout the country, and to a variety of customer types, including retailers, manufacturers, pre-manufacturered house builders, furniture companies, and more.  We do a great deal of work with architects, assisting in specifying species and products for high grade houes.
Unique Superiorities in Trade:

As a Chinese company which has investment in Europe, we are fully aware of the differences of culture and business between the West and the East. Moreover, we are also quite familiar with the specialty of timber. We purchase lumber world-widely, deliver them to China and process them according to the specific requests of European and American customers, as well as the manufacturing costs of Chinese factories on the bases of global purchase chain. Connecting the latest needs and freshest design in Europe with the cheap, sufficient labor, modernized massive wood processing factories and the unique scale of production chain in China, we try to realize a separate way of manufacturing in the world for providing the customers with a prompt and optimized products and great service. Protecting the forest and the wood, bring revolutionary innovation to the regenerative industry, we will enjoy the happy life created by the high-technology in this information era.

Requirement for Order:

For the European market: our preferred port is the Port of Hamburg or other main port in Europe that agreed by the company. We usually purchase in 40’ container load volumes (although some material ships in some 20’ containers, particularly in the case of flooring.)  We prefer pricing as CNF or CIF.   Payment terms are either ordinary Irrevocable LC at sight or CAOD (Cash Against Original Documents).  Bank References available.  Please be sure to send us your address, phone and fax numbers, as well as an email contact.

For the sales: The payment terms is Irrevocable LC at sight. Please give us an earnest and challenging inquiry.

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