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JDL Timber was incorporated about 10 years ago but most of the staff has 15-20 years working experience in the wood industry.

The company sources foreign sawn timber and veneers for the Asian wood manufacturing industry. It also provides for the foreign markets with various wood products made in Asia. Our dynamic and experienced workforce is based worldwide to ensure on-time sourcing and effective marketing of quality products and services. We provide a wide network for timber trade and wood products purchase in Asia to guarantee efficient service to our customers.
JDL Timber is not the typical timber trader or agent; we focus on establishing partnerships between customers and foreign suppliers trying to find the right raw materials for each particular product to ensure a high yield rather then just focusing on selling prices. Our aim is to provide long-term supply programs between our customers and suppliers, whom we consider both our partners. We have our own product-testing center and cooperative investigation factory in China and also have strategic partner in Europe. Moreover, we provide advice to our customers, whenever possible, on the development of potential export and import markets.

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